Gorkha Treks Pvt. Ltd

We the Board of Directors of Gorkha Treks Pvt. Ltd. take this ample opportunity to introduce our establishments before you. Gorkha Treks Pvt. Ltd is an established in 1987 (Government Regd. No. 69/87) Gorkha Treks is highly experienced trekking and Expedition Company in Nepal. Mr. D. B. Gurung, Managing Director of the company has been in trekking and expedition field for the last 32 years. Gorkha Treks is ever ready to take you to your dream and unforgettable moments in your life. Come and discover the serene wealth of beautiful Nepal, high alpine valleys, lush green jungles, ancient villages. Nepal's pacific gentle beauty rests alongside the majestic highest peak in the world- the Mount Everest.